- Our lab's work: "Six-Degrees-of-Freedom Remote Actuation of Magnetic Microrobots" has been nominated for a best paper award at the Robotics Science and Systems 2014 conference.

- Congratulations to our alumni Yigit Menguc, Onur Ozcan, and Rika Wright Carlsen on their new faculty positions. Yigit has accepted a position at Oregon State University, Onur has accepted a position at Bilkent University, and Rika has accepted a position at Robert Morris University.

- Our lab's work on self-cleaning gecko adhesive is featured as a picture of the week by the science news website Science Friday. link

- Congratulations to NanoRobotics Lab alumnus TaeWon Seo and Professor Sitti on winning the 2013 IEEE/ASME Best Mechatronics Paper Award. link

- Professor Sitti discusses novel gecko-inspired tape with Newsweek. link

- Congratulations to PhD candidate Uyiosa Abusomwan on his best poster award in the 2014 annual meeting of the Adhesion Society.

- Our lab's collaborative work is covered as featured research by Science Daily. link

- Professor Sitti is named as IEEE Fellow. link

- Our lab's recent graduate Dr. Eric Diller will be an assistant professor at the University of Toronto (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department) from January 2014. link

- Our lab's collaborative work on "Untethered micro-robotic coding of three-dimensional material composition" with Harvard Medical School (Prof. Utkan Demirci) is published in Nature Communications. link

- Our lab alumnus Prof. Seok Kim at UIUC will receive the prestigious National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award for his research and educational activities on microassembly using transfer printing.

- Prof. Sitti received critical research funding for four years related to "Magnetic Mobile Micro-Robotic Swarms using Smart Magnetic Materials" from the NSF National Robotics Initiative Program in Sept. 2013.

- Professor Sitti discusses medical micro-robotics at the World Science Festival link
View the Cellular Surgeons: The New Era of Nanomedicine panel link

- Professor Sitti talks with the BBC about gecko inspired adhesives link

- Press Release: Carnegie Mellon's Metin Sitti Receives Critical Funding For Novel Medical Robotics Research CMU News

- Pittsburgh news station channel 11 WPXI reports on the research of NanoRobotics Lab members Matthew Woodward and Lindsey Hines. video

- NanoRobotics Lab students Eric Diller and Joshua Giltinan placed first in the microassembly and second in the mobility challenges of the 2012 NIST Mobile Microrobotics Challenge at the 2012 International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). More information

- "Design and manufacturing of a controllable miniature flapping wing robotic platform," by V. Arabagi, L. Hines, and M. Sitti was published in The International Journal of Robotics Research in May 2012. link

- "Modeling of Conductive Atomic Force Microscope Probes for Scanning Tunneling Microscope Operation," by O. Ozcan and M. Sitti was published in Micro/Nano-Letters in April 2012. link

- "Two Dimensional Autonomous Micro-Particle Manipulation Strategies for Magnetic Micro-Robots in Fluidic Environments" by C. Pawashe, S. Floyd, E. Diller, and M. Sitti was published in IEEE Trans. on Robotics in April 2012. link

- Onur Ozcan received his PhD degree in March 2012 and is now a post-doc at Harvard, Wyss Institute.

- Dr. Sitti has become the active Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Micro-Bio Robotics starting from February 2012.

- "Remotely Addressable Magnetic Composite Micropumps" paper by Eric Diller and Shuhei Miyashita was published RSC Advances in April 2012. link

- Yigit Menguc received his PhD degree in January 2012 and is now a post-doc at Harvard, Wyss Institute.

- Our alumnus Dr. Burak Aksak became an assistant professor at Texas Tech starting from January 2012.

- "Gecko Inspired Controllable Adhesive Structures Applied to Micromanipulation" by Yigit Menguc and our collaborators at UIUC was published in Advanced Functional Materials (DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201101783) in Jan. 2012. link

- "Design and Rolling Locomotion of a Magnetically Actuated Soft Capsule Endoscope" by Sehyuk Yim and ''Control of Multiple Heterogeneous Magnetic Micro-Robots in Two Dimensions'' by Eric Diller, Chytra Pawashe and Steve Floyd link were published in IEEE Trans. on Robotics in Feb. 2012.

- Our alumnus Dr. Seok Kim became an assistant professor at UIUC starting from August 2011.

- Slava Arabagi received his PhD degree in August 2011 and is now a post-doc at Harvard, Children's Hospital.

- "Design of a Miniature Integrated Multi-Modal Jumping and Gliding Robot" by Matthew Woodward was the finalist for the JTCF Novel Technology Paper Award in the IEEE/RSJ Intelligent Robots and Systems Conference (IROS'11), San Francisco (5 papers selected out of about 2000 submitted papers).

- We received an NSF-CMMI grant on 'Contact Self-Cleaning Mechanics of Repeatable Fibrillar Adhesives' in Sept. 2011.

- We received an NSF-CPS Medium grant on 'Dense Networks of Bacteria Propelled Micro-Robotic Swarms' in Sept. 2011.

- Dr. Sitti was appointed as Professor of Mechanical Engineering in July 2011.

- We partnered with our alumnus Dr. Steven Floyd at Arete Associates and received an STTR Phase I grant from ONR on 'Desktop Manufacturing with Micro-robot Swarm' in June 2011.

- Dr. Sitti received the SPIE Nanoengineering Pioneer Award in April 2011.

Welcome to the NanoRobotics Lab

The NanoRobotics Lab's research program is focused on developing new methods to design, manufacture, and control novel and high impact micro/nano-robotic systems in three thrust areas: miniature mobile robots, bio-inspired fibrillar adhesives, and micro/nano-manipulation systems. Our group has had the below significant impacts in these three areas. The first two areas are our major current focus areas.

Impact Area 1: Miniaturization of Mobile Robots

Impact Area 2: Gecko-Inspired Repeatable Adhesives

Impact Area 3: Tip-Based Precision Micro/Nano-Manipulation Systems

Above achievements have been conducted by our NanoRobotics Lab team, which has involved 15 post-docs (10 moved to other positions), 32 PhD (20 graduated), 39 MSc (35 graduated), 55 undergraduate student members, and more than 40 visiting international researchers from Europe and Asia since 2003. We have had more than 26 underrepresented women, black, and Hispanic students and K-12 students trained in our lab. Former graduate students have continued in academia, including assistant professors at UIUC, Univ. of Toronto, Virginia Tech, WPI and Texas Tech and as postdoctoral fellows at MIT and Harvard, and in industry, including companies such as BostonDynamics, Apple, Intel, Arete Associates and nanoGriptech. Our projects have been funded by NSF, NIH, NASA, PITA, DARPA, ECBC, GM, and Boeing with total research funding of ~$14M so far. Our team has published 114 journal articles and peer-reviewed 123 conference papers with total around 7,200 citations (h-index of 45). Dr. Sitti has presented our research findings in more than 110 invited talks in universities, conferences and public events nationally and internationally.