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Seok Kim Seok Kim

email: seokk (AT)
Now at UIUC
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University 2009
M.S. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering - UCLA 2004
B.S. in Mechanical Engineering - POSTECH in Korea 2000
"An iron hand in a velvet glove"

Research Projects
Synthetic Gecko Inspired Adhesive



1. S. Kim and M. Sitti, "Self-Cleaning of Biologically Inspired Elastomer Microfiber Array with Mushroom-Shaped Tips," Small, under review.

2. S. Kim, M. Sitti, T. Xie, and X. Xiao, "Reversible Dry Adhesives with Thermally Controllable Adhesion," Advanced Materials, under review.

3. M. Murphy, S. Kim, and M. Sitti, "Enhanced Adhesion by Gecko Inspired Hierarchical Fibrillar Adhesives," Applied Materials & Interfaces, under review.

4. R. Long, C.-Y. Hui, S. Kim, and M. Sitti, "Modeling the Soft Backing Layer Thickness Effect on Adhesion of Elastic Microfiber Arrays," Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 104, pp. 044301, 2008.

5. S. Kim, B. Aksak, and M. Sitti, "Enhanced friction of elastomer microfiber adhesives with spatulate tips," Applied Physics Letters, vol. 91, pp. 221913, 2007.

6. S. Kim, M. Sitti, C.-Y. Hui, R. Long, and A. Jagota, "Effect of backing layer thickness on adhesion of single-level elastomer fiber arrays," Applied Physics Letters, vol. 91, pp. 161905, 2007.

7. S. Kim and M. Sitti, "Biologically inspired polymer microfibers with spatulate tips as repeatable fibrillar adhesives," Applied Physics Letters, vol. 89, pp. 261911, 2006. (Selected among Core 15 Papers for Thomson Scientific's Fast Moving Front Map of Materials Science, Jan. 2008)


1. S. Kim and M. Sitti, "Fabrication and characterization of biologically Inspired microfiber arrays with spatulate tips," International Conference on Micromanufacturing, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sept. 2008. (Presentation)

2. S. Kim, J.-H. Jang, M. Sitti, and E. Thomas, "Fabrication of gecko foot inspired elastomer nanofibers with spatulate tips," IEEE Nanotechnology, Arlington, Texas, Aug. 2008. (Presentation)

3. S. Kim and M. Sitti, "Fabrication and characterization of biologically inspired mushroom-shaped elastomer microfiber arrays," ASME IDETC Micro/Nano Systems, Brooklyn, New York, Aug. 2008. (Presentation) (Finalist for Best Paper)

Patent Applications

1. "Dry adhesives and methods for making dry adhesives". U.S. Patent Application of M. Sitti and S. Kim, filed, 2008.