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Robotic Micro-Assembly
Precise manipulation and autonomous assembly of micro and nano-sized structures.

To develop a robotic manipulation system that can autonomously construct complex three-dimensional micro and nano-structures from micro and nano-parts. To develop a large-scale assembly system to mass-assemble micro and nano-devices.

Using a 3-axis piezo-electric positioning stage with sub-micrometer to sub-nanometer precision, the control of an end-effector in a micro to nano-sized workspace is realized. Using an Optical Microscope as an imaging device for the micro-scale, or an Atomic Force Microscope as an imaging and manipulation device at the nano-scale, the workspace can be imaged. Vision processing can detect objects in the workspace; combined with high-level task planning, paths can be formulated to assemble the micro or nano-parts in a user-defined configuration.

The physical manipulation of objects can be realized by using nano-probes such as an AFM or STM tip as a two-dimensional manipulator. Three-dimensional manipulators including micro-fabricated grippers, laser trapping methods, and dielectrophoretic techniques can be implemented.

Current Status
A micromanipulation system is developed that can autonomously construct two-dimensional micro-arrangements of spheres sized from 3um to 20um in diameter. The assembly system consists of: (1) A nano-probe, (2) a three-axis piezo-electric stage (100x100x15um range in x,y,z) that is controlled digitally in a realtime operating system (RTAI Linux) and holds the nano-probe, (3) a three-axis coarse positioning stage that the sample is mounted to, (4) a high-powered optical microscope using a 50x objective (~500x zoom), and (5) a camera and frame-grabber allowing the workspace to be imaged, providing a sensory feedback for the control loop.

In the control, the user specifies a particle arrangement the manipulation system should achieve. Using the Hough transform, objects in the workspace are detected, and using a Wavefront expansion planner, paths are generated to attain the goal state. Finally the nano-probe is servoed on the path, pushing the particles, until the goal state is achieved.

Current efforts include extending the system into the nano-scale by investigating Atomic Force Microscopy as an imaging and manipulation device.

The development of certain micro and nano-devices, particularly complex three-dimensional structures such as micro-fabricated motors, are performed manually. This is not feasible for low-cost large-scale manufacture, however an autonomous assembly system can solve this problem. Complex micro and nano-devices will be more readily available and can be incorporated into more complicated systems.

Video 1: Pushing a 10um microsphere [5MB]
Video 2: Creating the letter M with microspheres [20MB]

Metin Sitti

Former Members
Cagdas Onal, Chytra Pawashe, Nicholas Lynch


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  • [Semi-autonomous assembly of CMU pattern using 10um spheres]
    [Micromanipulation system under optical microscope]
    [AFM nano-probe and 4.5um particles in the workspace]
    [Microgrippers Approaching a 10um Microsphere]