A motor actuated robot inspired by the gecko lizard.

Goal: Develop a wall climbing robot capable of simple surface locomotion by mimmicing the kinematics of geckos. Motors have been used for the locomotion. This robot can be used on a large scale and can have much power.

Approach: This robot was designed using technology already understood (motors) to test our kinematic model. The information learned from these tests will be applied to the compliant Geckobot. A PIC will be used to control the motion of the robot.

Benefits: Motors are a known technology, minimizing the surprises. They are relatively efficient, and can be mass produced at a cheap cost. They are also very powerful. This robot can be agile and fast.

Current Status: A proof of concept robot has been fabricated and climbed 60 degrees. Improvements are underway.

Video 1: Peeling Geckobot [Mar 2006].
Video 2: Blue Geckobot [Nov 2005].
Video 3: Climbing 80 degrees [Sept 2005].
Video 4: parallel type steering [Sept 2005].
Video 5: walking and steering [Sept 2005].
Video 6: history of Geckobot.
Video 7: old Geckobot climbing.
Video 8: 2nd gen. Geckobot climbing.

Former Members: Ozgur Unver, Paul Day, Metin Sitti

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O. Unver, A. Uneri, A. Aydemir, M. Sitti, "Geckobot: A Gecko Inspired Climbing Robot Using Elastomer Adhesives" IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, Orlando, Florida May 2006. pdf

O. Unver, M. Murphy, M. Sitti, "Geckobot and Waalbot: Small-Scale Wall Climbing Robots" AIAA 5th Aviation, Technology, Integration, and Operations Conference (ATIO) , Arlington, Virginia Sept. 2005. pdf

[current prototype Geckobot]
[older prototype Geckobot]
[CAD drawing of Third-Generation prototype]
[motor prototype Geckobot]