Compliant Waalbot
A robot propelled by its compliant back for climbing walls.

Goal: Develop a wall climbing robot capable of simple surface locomotion by mimmicing the kinematics of geckos. The use of a compliant spine is necessary to closely mimmic the movement of the Gecko.

Approach: The compliant robot will use dry adhesion to stick to walls and celings as it climbs. The design uses SMA wires to move the back and feet, making it weigh only 1/3 of what a similar robot using motors would weigh.

Benefits: This is a simple robot that can be mass manufactured relatively cheaply. It uses SMA wires, which scale down well, meaning that for any small scale task, a suitable robot can be produces using the same design.

Current Status: Working proof of concept robot has been designed, and the kinematics have been modeled and inspected. The robot has been able to climb 60 degrees consistently using conventiaonal adhesives in place of the dry adhesives.

Video 1: SMA Compliant Waalbot climbing.

Former Members: Ozgur Unver, Metin Sitti

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