A modular robot for wall climbing.

Goal: Develop a wall climbing robot capable of simple surface locomotion. Modularity improves robustness and allows for plane to plane transitions.

Approach: The wormbot uses dry adhesion to stick to walls and ceilings as it climbs. The modular design uses simple rotary actuators for each linkage and an additional actuator for each footpad to reduce vibrations from movement, especially during preloading and pulling away the adhesives. PIC microcontrollers are used to control the motion of the robot.

Benefits: This design is simple and modular, meaning it can be easily controlled and is fully extensible, helping to improve robustness. The jointed motion allows the robot to overcome small obstacles and even plane transitions (i.e. floor to wall and wall to ceiling).

Current Status: The current prototypes climb with polymer dry adhesives and can climb on smooth inclined surfaces up to 80 degrees. It is controlled via onboard PIC microcontrollers and receives power through a tether.


Former Members: Yigit Menguc, Stephane Bleas, Tim Sandy, Metin Sitti Brian Zajac

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